Marines and Mickey
Marines and Mickey

Official Statement: From John Simpson 



This past Friday I was told two weeks ago by Cathy Wells to come to Atlanta to be presented with a Donation. Once on Site, I was approached by two gentlemen that gave me two choices: Hand over my Foundation to theirs plus they wanted to follow me to the bank and have me take out all of marines and Mickeys funds withdrawn and handed over to them. OR they were going to come up with allegations to ruin me and my Foundation. After to speaking to authorities I was told that this is nothing short of Blackmail and extortion. and I will be seeking criminal Charges. Also, myself, My Foundation and its volunteers have been receiving threats via Facebook, emails, and phone calls. Our legal team are taking note of all threats, comments and calls and we will be seeking punitive damages on everyone involved. As far as $135k being stolen... that is completely false. We did several events that had Marines and Mickeys name and Skip Wells' name attached to it, these funds raised sent 14 families to Disney since October 2015. In my opinion, a donation made is not stolen when used for the mission plainly stated and publicly known. Our Mission had existed for over a year and a half prior to the tragedy in Chattanooga. and that is why, Representatives, Representing Ms Wells called my Foundation the night of the tragedy... telling us, they wanted to send all monies expected to be donated to her over the coming weeks to be instead given on to Marines and Mickey for the purpose of Sending Marines to Disney. 

As far as Stolen Valor, I never said I was a Force Recon Marine, never said I had been on one tour to Afghanistan, much less four. 
In closing, This is nothing more than a blackmail attempt by a competing foundation. 
John Simpson

The Mission:  

No Marine Left Behind  No Marine Stands Alone

While what Marines & Mickey does, pales in comparison, to what our Marines do around the world, we operate on the same team principle. A Marine is more than a rifleman, an aviator, etc. He or she lives every day according to a strict warrior code that sacrifices self. There is no I in teamwork! The mission and the unit always come before the self. That’s why no true Marine leaves a brother or sister behind on the battlefield: “No Marine Stands Alone.” While a non-Marine will never fully grasp the depth of this commitment, a brotherhood many Veterans miss despite the horror of war, we family members who “support” our Marines try to live by through our forms of support.

Giving Our Warriors Family Time

Deployment is one of the world’s biggest homewreckers, a hard fact of military life. As Marines and family of Marines we know that better than most. That’s why part of the concept of our charity is to give Marines and their families the best vacation in the world for parents and kids: a Disney theme park!


*We are a private charity receiving NO government funding or discounts for our Vacations/Trips awarded to Disney or BootCamp Graduations. 100% Dependant on your Donations!



Standing By Each New Marine

The magic moment when their formerly soft, perhaps rebellious son or daughter is transformed into a United States Marine is of course something every parent “in the Corps” yearns to see, for it is irreplaceable. But many Marines’ parents are in dire financial straits, so much so that they are unable to attend their new Marine’s graduation. Marines & Mickey understands this heartbreak. That’s why we do everything we can to alliviate that from happening. If we accept your application, we will assist in getting you to Parris Island or San Diego for that graduation. “No Marine Left Behind”: if a new Marine’s family can’t afford the trip to South Carolina, Let us know, one of our board members or volunteers will stand in their place to welcome their son or daughter into the family of the Marine Corps.



*We are a private charity receiving NO government funding or discounts for our Vacations/Trips awarded to Disney or BootCamp Graduations. 100% Dependant on your Donations!
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